Tunisia's beautiful beaches and historical treasures attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

Nearly 5 million tourists visited Tunisia in 1999.In 2004 they reached more than 6 million.

American and most European tourists do not require visas to enter Tunisia. There are more than 722 hotels in the country, totaling 191.955 beds. Seven international airports, and eight passenger ports connect Tunisia to the United States and Europe. The capital city, Tunis, is a two-hour flight from Paris and London and a fifty- minute flight from Rome. Daily flights connect Tunisia to virtually all European, African and Middle Eastern destinations.


Visitors sunbathe, dive, sail, and fish along the vast stretches of glistening, white sandy Mediterranean beaches covering a 810- mile coast. Beach resorts include Tabarka, Hammamet, Sousse and Jerba.

El-Kantaoui's 27-hole golf course and Andalusian style marina is a fully-integrated tourism complex.Tunisia's Saharan tourism attractions includes an international golf course situated under Tozeur's lush palm groves as well as many desert festivals.

The perched village of Sidi Bou Said offers a unique scenery of domes, arched doors and balconies in blue and white set against a sparkling sea.


Punic and Roman archaeological sites can be visited in Carthage and other historical areas around the country. They include second century Roman temple in Dougga, the Phoenician port of Utica, Sbeitla's Roman temples and arches, Bulla Regia's Roman villas and El Jem's Coliseum, which is second only to Rome. The Bardo Museum, near Tunis, boasts the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world.


Masterpieces of Arab-Islamic architecture attract the attention of visitors. Among them: the Great Mosque of Kairouan, the Moslem World's fourth holiest city, and the Great Mosque of Ezzitouna, at the center of the old city (the Medina) of Tunis.

You will travel to Tunis , considered as the tropical paradise of North Africa, and The Economic Capital of Tunisia .

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Why choose Tunisia for your Transformation?
Tunisia is undoubtedly one of world's leading countries for cosmetic and surgery
Cosmetic surgery tourism is not new phenomenon in Tunisia. For years, savvy travelers have traveled to Tunisia  for medical, dental and cosmetic surgery procedures, seeking and finding significant cost savings without sacrificing quality of care.
In recent years, however, national government (Health Ministry / Tourism Ministry) has taken increasing notice of this growing source of income and have to formally plan and develop medical infrastructures to cater to this new trend.
Tunis surgery is the premier integrated health company recognized by the national government of Tunisia, by providing access to the highest quality healthcare at a competitive price for foreign patients.

We are the largest healthcare provider in Tunisia, and one of the
most renowned plastic and cosmetic surgery provider in the world.
We are the first and the largest north African independent operator focused in Complete Image Transformation.


The prices are extremely competitive in Tunisia .
One of the main reasons for going to Tunisia for cosmetic surgery is undoubtedly the professional excellence, the exquisite Latin Sense of Aesthetics of their surgeons, and cost saving.
Offering some of the best cosmetic and plastic surgery treatment in the world, with an excellent reputation for its private clinics and plastic surgeons, Tunisian's cosmetic surgery sector has undergone an enormous boom in recent years and it has become a global cosmetic surgery destination, with beauty tourism growing up to 60% each year .
Foreign patients are attracted not only by the low prices of procedures, but also by the medical equipments, high standards of cosmetic surgery, the use of modern technologies as well as top-quality materials for procedures .
Cost saving for accommodation, food and other shopping and internal transport make of Tunisia an ideal destination. 

Tunis surgery is your Cost Saver...
Don't think that low prices equal low quality. Quite the contrary.
Many of the most advanced medical facilities in the world exist outside of the Europe, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travellers such as your self. In fact, these hospitals have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of medical tourism, specifically adhering to the same high standards that we in the Europe have come to trust.

Tunis surgery helps you to save cost as all the services are very cost effective and if you compare our services with any other other countries you would find it much more advantageous.
The cost advantage comes in with the low cost of living and wages compared to the USA, UK, Europe or any other countries in the world; coupled with the fact that there is NO TAX paid on treatments.
Also, the special economic advantages granted by the government in terms of doctor fees and the development in the tourism field has allowed us to reduce the costs related to your surgery (clinics, anesthetist, assistants, nurses, surgical products, etc.)
Besides, the great exchange rate means that Tunisia is naturally less expensive than home .
All these factors have a positive effect on our prices, allowing you to enjoy simultaneously, 7 to 10 days of vacations in very nice 3 or 4**** Hotel and the opportunity of receiving all the surgeries you want, at a lower cost … up to 70% compared with your country.

Why have we chosen the city of Tunis for your trip?

Beach sea and prairies. Hallucinated places of exuberant vegetation, rural and suffocating corners conform the territory of the department of Tunis located in the north part of Tunisia.

Prosperous city of modern shades, Tunis has became the economic heart of the country. Tunis is also renowned for having the best hospitals for surgeries in Tunisia, where some of the most complex surgeries like hip or knee replacement surgery or cardiac surgery can be done in just a few days, at a fraction of the cost compared with the Western World.

Sensual and festival. Warm, modern and agitated. That is Tunis, the tropical paradise of North Africa.

is cosmopolitan city, with a lot of security, that offers an impressive variety of tourist activities and a great diversity of International restaurants, with a cost of live that you will not find in none of other country… a young and authentic city with an unique style. 

If we have chosen Tunis for your Image transformation
      it is not a coincidence.

We could have chosen for your “vacations” another city than Tunis, or another place like “a beach” place for example; or one of those thousands of places you can find in Tunisia with mountains, snow; where you could practice “amazing” activities as swimming, riding, parasailing, or skiing…
But we have decided not to do it for a simple reason: 

Not to put the health or life of our patients in danger!

Certain medical procedures due to their nature and required post surgery care do not permit vacations.
We mention this because some plastic surgery clinics overseas position the surgery package as a way to have some fun while you are in recovery.
That is why apart from airfare and hotel, they also throw in spa services and sightseeing. Our recommendation is that you get the plastic surgery done right in one trip and think about a pleasure trip some other time.

In case of certain treatments like Hair Transplant, Rhinoplasty, some face surgeries and Dental treatments where hospitalization is not required, Tunis surgery makes an arrangement to combine with beautiful and memorable holidays (strictly as per medical advice).

we will pamper you with a trip of a lifetime!
No clinic at home could ever offer this combination of service, quality and great prices.
At Tunis surgery, we have one goal…to provide quality and compassionate care for each individual patient, because that is what you are, an individual with an unique set of circumstances, symptoms and healthcare needs.
At Tunis surgery, we meet your needs by reaching a new level of healthcare…total healthcare.
We provide every patient an experience customized to their medical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

You should never have a feeling of discomfort travelling to an unfamiliar country because we take good care of you and provides you a very friendly ambience all the time during your stay.

Tunis surgery will offer you a very different trip compared with any other medical organizations. With us you will enjoy a trip of dream, responding to the different needs from the human being; plenty of emotions, of scents and flavors that you will never forget, a unique and wonderful trip that will allow you to reach not only the body you always dreamt, but also the happiness that you looked for during so much years!

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