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Breast Reduction& Breast Lift

I .Breast Reduction

Women with large, pendulous breasts may experience back pain, skin irritation, postural problems and even breathing difficulties. Exercise may be difficult. Large breasts can make a woman or a teenage girl feel extremely self-conscious. Breast reduction is a procedure to reduce, lift and reshape the breasts to a smaller, firmer and more proportionate size.

The surgeon is proficient in several breast reduction techniques, including the 'no-vertical scar' method, which has a smaller incision than the traditional technique. Visit our Philadelphia or New Jersey office and ask the surgeon about the suitability of this breast reduction technique for you.


·   To correct your breast size out of proportion to your body

·   To forget about the pain due to you breast size, usually involving your back, neck, and/or your shoulders.

·   To reduce the volume and weight of women's excessively large breasts.

·   To make both breast the same size.

  To forget about your dissatisfaction & self-consciousness about your breast size.  

Typically, incisions are around your nipple, from your nipple down to your chest wall, and side to side under your breast. The skin over the breast tissue to be preserved is removed, after this, excess breast tissue and skin is removed, with the remaining breast tissue moved to its new position, and the skin closed around your new breast mound.

General or local with added sedation.

Between 2 and 3 hours.

You will have to rest at the clinic during 48 hours.

Your bandages will be removed after two days, and you will continue wearing a surgical bra around the clock for several weeks, until the swelling and bruising subside.

You may also be instructed to avoid sex for a week.

You will be able to do physical exercise again 30 days after the surgery.

The pain after surgery is usually easily managed with oral pain medications

The stitches will be removed in one or two weeks.

Most bruising, swelling, should subside within three to six weeks.

The scars are placed in areas that are not seen unless you are topless, and can be hidden by most bathing suits. These scars are long, and they remain pink or brown for several years. For some women they become less noticeable.

In addition to the new techniques used to make your scars as inconspicuous as possible.
Our health care specialists have many tools at their disposal to reduce and treat scars from every part of the body through special scar removal techniques.
A fter your surgery we will offer you a free consultation with one of our health care specialists in laser treatment.
Laser treatment will help you to reduce the appearance of scars by 70 to 80 percent and  prevent their recurrence.
According to your skin quality, the laser scar removal technique will prevent the appearance of keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, or atrophic scars, which have the following characteristics:
- Keloid Scarring: Firm, raised, and reddish-purple scars that extend beyond the initial wound area and builds over time.
- Hypertrophic Scarring: Firm, raised, and pink scars that remain within the initial wound area and possibly naturally regress over time.
- Atrophic Scarring: Depressed pin-like pockets in the skin that can result from skin conditions or diseases such as acne.

II .Breast Lift

Over the years, the breast skin loses elasticity and the breasts begin to sag, losing their shape and firmness. Breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts. If the breasts are small or have lost volume through weight loss or pregnancy, implants may be inserted in conjunction with mastopexy to restore the firmness and size of the breasts.

Breast implants alone will impart or give a 'lifted' look to the breasts so that many women may not require a breast lift. Often, if a woman is willing to have a larger breast size, then the use of larger breast implants will avoid the need for a traditional breast lift and still give the desired result. The use of implants is always desired and preferred to a traditional breast lift to avoid the additional scars associated with a traditional breast lift.

As always, your individual situation must be assessed and if there is severe breast sagging then a breast lift would be required. Call for a free consultation in our Philadelphia or New Jersey office.

There are many techniques for breast lift. The most common breast lift procedure begins with the surgeon making a three-part, anchor-shaped incision.

The first incision circles the areola; the second moves vertically down from the areola to the crease beneath the breast; the third moves horizontally beneath the breast, following the natural curve of the crease.

When the incisions are made, the surgeon removes the unwanted skin, moves the nipple and areola up to a higher position, and brings the skin that was above the areola (in its old position) down and together, to reshape the breast.

At the end of the operation, the surgeon may temporarily put a small, thin drainage tube under the skin of each breast to drain blood and fluids that collect there. Finally, the surgeon closes the incisions with small stitches and puts a bandage on the area to protect it from infection.

Local anaesthesia and complementary sedation, or general anaesthesia .

Between 1H30 and 3 hours

After surgery, you'll wear an elastic bandage or a surgical bra over gauze dressings. Your breasts will be bruised, swollen, and uncomfortable for a day or two, but the pain shouldn't be severe. Any discomfort you do feel can be relieved with medications prescribed by your surgeon.
Within a few days, the bandages or surgical bra will be replaced by a soft support bra. You'll need to wear this bra around the clock for three to four weeks, over a layer of gauze.

You should be able to return to non-physical work about 10 days after surgery.

You'll need to limit your exercise and activities during this time.

You'll also have to avoid sex for a week.

You may find that your breasts and nipples are less sensitive, or have no feeling at all. Sensation usually returns after several weeks.

Your breasts will probably be sore for two or three days. The pain is greatest within the first 48 hours, but improves with each day and is usually relieved by pain medications.

Your stitches will be removed within one week to ten days.

Most bruising, swelling, should subside within three to six weeks.

This surgery does leave permanent scars. But they will fade in time and are easily hidden by clothing.

You may hear promises of no scar breast lift surgical methods from various plastic surgeons, you should understand that there is no way to avoid scarring in any surgical procedure that incorporates incisions within its method. This is true of obtaining a pacemaker and it also applies to breast lift plastic surgery.

Luckily, there have been new developments in breast lift techniques that can minimize the amount of visible scarring. There's no such thing as a no scar breast lift yet, but depending on the choice of technique, you could be virtually scarless. Breast lift surgery is still the only way to go when it comes to fixing saggy breasts.

Most scarless breast lift techniques are just variations on the classic breast lift incision. The common incision is a cut around the nipple and extending down to the base. This results in the largest change in breast firmness and shape. It tends to leave extensive scarring though, so other incisions were developed.
There is the periareolar incision that is only around the nipple, the short scar that is vertical from the base of the breast with extensions to the side, and the inverted-T cut which goes along the base and up the center to the nipple.
All of these techniques essentially isolate one part of the traditional incision and use it to perform a breast lift with less dramatic results.
It's a compromise that can win out if scarring is a big issue and the severity of the sag is not as great.
Depending on the kinds of clothes and undergarments you prefer, one particular
kind of incision may be right for you. Most of the no scar breast lift techniques attempt to hide the scars in the lower portion of the breast, allowing women to wear low-cut tops without embarrassing scars.

Examples :

breast reduction tunisia,breast lift tunisia


They all Include:

The Surgical Procedure
Stay in Clinic (without limit of time)
5 to 7 days in nice Hotel
  Complete Hematology Tests Analysis
Anesthetist fees
Implants or Prothesis (if any)
Compression Garments
Pre and ost-operative Consultations
Clinical Professional Insurance
Professional insurance of surgeon

Personal Assistant

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