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Breast Augmentation / Enlargement

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a common surgical procedure to enlarge a woman's breasts through the use of breast implants to a more desired size. Many women choose to have breast implant surgery to fulfill their desire for a fuller bustline and more proportionate body.

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery should result in a natural look. The breasts should be soft, move naturally with normal body movements and the incision or scar should be well hidden. The surgeon's objective is to have your surgery safely performed to meet your goals with rapid recovery time. In the surgeon's view, a successful augmentation is one that results in naturally appearing breasts that keeps them guessing.


· To use the clothes you want, to showing more sensual body image

· To choose the type of shape you have always wanted.

· To forget about breasts those are slightly sagging or deflated.

· To never think about breasts out of proportion to the rest of the body.

· To feel realized with your body, having enlarged, full, balanced breasts…


The breast implant can be placed either partially under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular) or on top of the muscle and under the breast glands (subglandular), depending on the thickness of your breast tissue and its ability to adequately cover the breast implant. You should discuss with your surgeon the pros and cons of the implant placement selected for you.

Incision Sites
Incisions can be placed either in the armpit , around the nipple or areolae, which usually enlarge in proportion to the increased breast size, or in the lower breast crease.

The surgeon will start by measuring your breast base width. Implants come in a variety of widths. You and your surgeon will also want to discuss cup size. Implants come in a variety of volumes and, generally, the larger you want your cup size, the larger the breast implant the surgeon will consider.
Your surgeon will also evaluate your existing tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to cover the breast implant.
A breast implant that is too large for your tissue can result in excessive stretching of the skin and result in the need for future corrective surgeries.
In addition, the implant edges may be apparent or visible postoperatively. Also, excessively large breast implants may speed up the effects of gravity and result in earlier droop or sag.


In addition to size, you will also be able to determine if you want to re-shape your breast. Some implants give the breast a more rounded appearance, while others create a breast shaped like a teardrop.

The Different Types of Breast Implants Available :
Breast augmentation or enlargement is achieved through the use of breast implants. The most commonly used breast implants are saline breast implants. The implant is similar to a balloon filled with saline or salt water. Saline breast implants have been used for over 20 years.
There are different types of breast implants and depending on your individual situation and goals, one type of implant may be recommended during your consultation.

Smooth Round Breast Implants

- this is probably the most popular implant as it achieves a full round and lifted look while still appearing natural.

Textured Round Breast Implants

- this is similar to the smooth round implant but with a textured coating. When placing the implant subglandular or above the muscle, this type of implant may be recommended. Some studies have shown that with the textured coating, there is less chance of capsular contracture or firmness around the implant. This opinion or fact is controversial.

Anatomical or Tear Drop Breast Implant

- this breast implant is shaped exactly as described - 'tear drop' - having more volume or saline in the lower part of the implant to give a more mature look. This implant may also be recommended in certain situations depending on your individual goals. Anatomical implants are textured.

The choice of implant filler, implant size, shape and other features will be determined based on your breast anatomy, body type and your desired increase in size. Your lifestyle, goals and personal preferences, as well your plastic surgeon's recommendations and sound surgical judgment are also determining factors.


Local anaesthesia and complementary sedation, or general anaesthesia .

From half and hour to 120 minutes

You will have to rest at the clinic during 48 hours.

You will feel very groggy for the first two days and weak for about 1 week.

Breasts are high on the chest for the first three weeks then settle into a very normal position contour.

Rest is important to the healing process, so do it as much as possible following your procedure.

For at least 3-5 days, you should try to keep arm extension to a minimal. The tissues will heal more quickly if you avoid stretching and separating muscle/tissue surrounding the breast implants.

You will be able to resume calm, quiet work within a few days of your surgery.

You may be required to wear a support bra to help your breasts form and maintain a pleasing, balanced shape.

Breast augmentation stretches the tissues, and can be painful. This is especially true when the implants are placed under the muscle and in young women who have never had children. The pain is greatest within the first 48 hours, but improves with each day and is somewhat relieved by pain medications.

The stitches will come out within a week to ten days.

Swelling may continue several weeks.

Your scars will be pink for several weeks. After several months they will begin to fade.

Examples :

breast augmentation tunisia, breast enlargement tunisia


They all Include:

The Surgical Procedure
Stay in Clinic (without limit of time)
5 to 7 days in nice Hotel
  Complete Hematology Tests Analysis
Anesthetist fees
Implants or Prothesis (if any)
Compression Garments
Pre and ost-operative Consultations
Clinical Professional Insurance
Professional insurance of surgeon

Personal Assistant

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