Our Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and medical center are certified and highly recommended by foreign agencies, consulates, international insurance companies, embassies, etc.
All of them have been accredited to international standards of quality.

All our work is carried out under the strictest safety procedures. Naturally we have formal certification of approval from the National Area Health Authority, as well as all necessary licenses, Environmental Health, Fire, Health and Safety approvals.

Our Clinic have either Joint Commission Accreditation (JCI) or International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which signifies that they are internationally recognized in the field of healthcare.
Our medical centre is the largest, and the most specialized centre in Tunisia for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. The Tunisian Conferences on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the most important events in plastic surgery and the platform for the latest scientific advances are hosted by most of our centres.

  Our Cosmetic surgery clinic provide you:

- Room in total comfort with air-conditioned, telephone, and cable TV .

- Fully equipped operation rooms, pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia recovery units, with all the services.

- Intensive therapy units.
- All kinds of laboratories.
- The latest technology in image diagnosis.

- Theatre for septic surgery in casualty area.
  - Modern Anaesthesia machines & monitoring devices.
- Dedicated Anesthesiologist team.

- All of the necessary equipment and apparatus to assure the ventilation, asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization of all of the areas, equipment and instruments used in the clinic. 

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- A complete medical team to assist the plastic surgeons with solid international medical training, supported by highly-qualified and well-trained nursing personnel, and permanent staff willing to offer warm, efficient attention to the patient.

- All the requirements demanded by the law for their operation; and highest technological equipment such as diagnosis and bio resonance, echography, pan tomography for full face x-rays and a full range of state of the art lasers . The independent status of our hospitals meansthat revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology.

- An ideal  environment for effective healthcare. All our hospitals are equipped with special areas for cosmetic and plastic surgeries. We never mix healthy patients and patients with infectious diseases. Cosmetic surgery patients are always treated in specials operation theatres with different health care workers and recover on different wards as patients with infectious diseases.
- Consulting rooms for doctors in private practice and a one-stop service for patients.

- Clean, calm and quiet ambience.
- Spacious corridors and bathrooms - wheel chair compatible.
- Food - Hygienic, high quality.
- Our hotels and clinic are concentrated within a compact area of the city.

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Our Cosmetic surgery clinic :
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